By: Cholo Ledesma
Let your answers decide for you.

You’ve just finished all you’ve needed to do for the morning, and now it’s time for a great lunch! Now comes the HARDEST part—deciding where and what to eat! Take our quick online quiz to know where you should go to get your grub!

1. How hungry are you right now?

b. Pretty hungry!
c. I’m hungry, but I can manage!
d. Not really that hungry.
e. Eh. Maybe later?

2. What are you craving?

a. Lots of carbs…
c. Savory goodness!
d. Veggies!
e. Bread!

3. How fast do you need this lunch to be?

a. I have an hour and I am STARVING!
b. Fast! I need to get back to work.
c. Done for the day—I can take my time!
d. Power lunch! 20 minutes!
e. Umm, I’m already late for my meeting…

4. How do you want this lunch to make you FEEL?

a. Happy and loved!
b. Renewed and awake!
c. Just like a king or queen!
d. Light and energized!
e. Satisfied!

5. But… how are you feeling RIGHT NOW?

b. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
c. Sad! 🙁
d. Slowww.
e. Stressed out!

6. What do you want to do for lunch today?

a. Treat myself!!!
b. Try something new!
c. Feel a little fancy!
d. Be good to my body!
e. Get back to work!

7. Last question! Choose your LUNCH SONG!

a. Nothing’s Gonna Change My LUNCH For You!
b. I Wanna Know What LUNCH Is!
c. Somebody to LUNCH!
d. LUNCH On Top!
e. As Long As You LUNCH Me!

If your answers are mostly As, it might be a good idea to go for a hearty, comforting meal! Why not try some delicious Filipino food (with lots of rice!), or maybe some reliable Italian cuisine—like pasta or pizza? Yum!

If your answers are mostly Bs, you might be feeling adventurous! Take a walk on the wild side and try your nearest spicy Mexican or Thai restaurant! Time to challenge your taste buds with a new food adventure!

If your answers are mostly Cs, treat yourself to a fancy lunch! Why not go for some sushi or other Japanese cuisine to satisfy your tastebuds and awaken your inner connoisseur? (Did we spell that right?)

If your answers are mostly Ds, you might want something light and fresh, and full of healthy veggies! Try some Vietnamese food, or other healthy (and tasty) options to help you get through the day!

If your answers are mostly Es, you are definitely on-the-go! Maybe a tasty and filling sandwich is your grub for the day. Why not try some delicious Vietnamese banh mi, or a hearty Italian panini sandwich from your nearest café? You deserve it, hard worker!

Hopefully, this quiz will help you decide on where to go to get your lunch today. Whatever you choose, you deserve a delicious meal – and more than that, a beautiful life! Create yours, one lunch at a time!


The COHO Living Team.