By: Bea Venezuela
Surprise yourself and try something new this week!

Want to do something different this weekend yet can’t settle on a vibe? We got you covered. Answer this quiz to find out what the city has in store for you!

1. What is your pet peeve?

a. People who don’t appreciate art
b. Litterbugs
c. Friends yawning on a night out
d. Outfit repeaters
e. Fast food junkies
f. Loud people

2. Your phone wallpaper right now is…

a. An illustration you got off the internet
b. The beach or forest
c. A city scene
d. Your favorite musician
e. Your loved one/s
f. One of the phone’s default wallpapers

3. Which date would you love to go on?

a. Having a flirty intellectual debate over a good meal
b. Trying out a new workout place together
c. Visiting a rooftop bar with unlimited wine
d. Going shopping for your loved ones at a bazaar
e. Checking out that restaurant that everyone’s been talking about
f. Staying in and watching a movie

4. What’s your favorite time of day?

a. Late afternoon, during golden hour
b. Dawn, as the sun begins to rise
c. Midnight when you’re still bursting with energy
d. Noon, around lunch time
e. Evening, around dinner time
f. Dusk, as the sun begins to set

5. Who are you hanging out with this weekend?

a. Your best friend
b. Officemates
c. Friends from college
d. Your siblings
e. Your SO
f. Your mom

6. What is your dream vacation spot?

a. London
b. Australia
c. Madrid
d. Tokyo
e. Taipei
f. Siargao

7. This weekend, you would love…

a. Learning something new
b. Getting away from the city
c. Socializing
d. Retail therapy
e. Entering a food coma
f. Relaxing

8. Choose one word to describe the past work week:

a. Challenging
b. Basic
c. Quiet
d. Stifling
e. Productive
f. Hectic

Mostly As – Museum hopping
You might have been a nerd in high school, and that’s okay. Doing the same things at work might make you want to take a break and expose yourself to totally unrelated disciplines. Choose among the arts, anthropology, or natural science by going to the newly-completed National Museum triumvirate in Manila.

Mostly Bs – Early morning hike
You’re sick of being stuck in traffic and feeling the smog clog your pores. Sleep early the night before so you can head out with a friend or two to one of Manila’s hiking destinations. Explore either Mt. Balagbag or Mt. Daraitan in nearby Rizal, and make sure to hire a guide for the full experience (and to take your picture, of course.)

Mostly Cs – Go back to the ‘80s
You’d love to let loose and talk to people in a place that’s not your office pantry. Lately, there have been more and more establishments focusing on retro nights that let you get down to all of the tita rhythms. Dance the night away at Strumm’s Retro Bar where they play ‘80s hits, or bop your head to some tunes, drink in hand, at Poblacion’s groovy cocktail bar Mathilde.

Mostly Ds – Secondhand shopping
You do love to hoard things, and if it weren’t for Marie Kondo’s impact, you would have run out of space by now. Do the universe one better by upcycling discarded things! Go ukay-ukay shopping in Makati Cinema Square or adopt some secondhand books from Bookay Ukay in Maginhawa.

Mostly Es – Small meals, several courses
You appreciate the finer things in life, and are always hopping on the latest food trend or trendy restaurant that’s popped up in the city. Treat yourself and a loved one to a full wine-and-dine degustation experience by doing an eight-course meal at Makati’s 12/10 or thirteen-course meal at BGC’s Gallery by Chele.

Mostly Fs – Spa day
This week has been a long one, and you can’t wait to clear your mind and forget it all. Go for an all-day treatment at The Spa in Greenbelt or Rockwell, or if you’re pressed for time, a simple yet soothing foot massage at Ton Ton.

What are you waiting for? You’ve put in the work this week, and now you can treat yourself. After all, everyone deserves a beautiful life. Finalize those weekend plans and create yours now!


The COHO Living Team.