By: Bea Venezuela
Always living for the thrill of it.

Cagayan de Oro, one of the biggest cities in Northern Mindanao, is fondly dubbed the “Adventure Capital of the Philippines” by locals and tourists alike. Every year, more and more activities pop up to fit the growing desires of adrenaline junkies everywhere. Pumped up but have no clue where to start your beautiful and exhilarating life here? We’ve got your thrill-seeking side covered with these five CDO bucket list items:

1. Battle the waters of the longest river in the country

CDO is home to the Philippines’ longest and widest body of water, the Cagayan de Oro River. Over the years, whitewater rafting in this dangerous yet electrifying river has slowly become the main tourist attraction of the region. Its 21 rapids make rowing harder and harder as water velocity increases; after conquering the entire river, Enchanted Kingdom’s Rio Grande Rapids will be child’s play. If you want something tamer, you can opt for kayaking or river trekking. Whatever you choose, head on over to Barangay Mambuaya to begin your adventure!

2. Spin around the Philippines’ largest waterslide

The recently-opened Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort is chock-full of different pirate-themed water attractions. It has 12 different waterslides ranging from basic to extreme, a 400-meter long lazy river, and some of the scariest yet breath-taking rides you’ll find in Mindanao. Don’t miss out on the Cyclone, the largest waterslide in the Philippines, and the Abyss Tornado! The plus side of these daunting rides? They usually intimidate most people, so you won’t have to wait long in line!

3. Pretend to be a guerilla in a historic cave

They look peaceful now, but the Macahambus Hill Cave and Gorge were once fierce battlegrounds and crucial hideouts for Filipino resistance fighters during battles against the Americans and Japanese. Put yourself in the shoes of a WW2 guerilla as you explore the dark cave, rock facades, and forest areas. Conclude your historical afternoon adventures by taking around 150 steps down to the gorge, where you can enjoy stirring views of Cagayan de Oro river and its nearby flowing springs.

4. Find adventure in the heart of nature

You definitely won’t run out of things to do in Mapawa Nature Park, which seems to have just about everything an active adventurer would desire, all in the midst of nature! This expansive fresh air forest area offers rappelling, canyoneering, horseback riding, waterfall swimming, trekking, hiking, outdoor camping, cliff jumping, and ziplining, just to name a few. Whether you’re with your barkada, officemates, or family, it’ll be a breeze planning a jam-packed itinerary here.

5. Navigate through obstacles in the sky

Drive to Barangay Indahag to experience the wonders of Larry’s Hill and Hugo Sky Lounge, two nearby tourist attractions that are located closer to the sky than to the ground. Here, you can go paragliding, do maze adventures, jump in a ball pit, and see how far you can fare in their obstacle course, all while catching amazing aerial views of CDO. Kids and kids-at-heart can have the times of their lives meeting tigers, monkeys, alligators, birds, and snakes at the center’s zoo, Noah’s Ark.

The heart-stopping fun never stops at CDO, where every twist and turn will lead you to another action-packed activity that has your name on it. Follow the beat of your thrill-seeking, weekend warrior drum and don’t be afraid to go on the adrenaline adventure you’ve been dreaming of all this time. After all, every explorer deserves a beautiful life. What are you waiting for? Steel your courage and create yours now!


The COHO Living Team.