By: Cholo Ledesma
If only you could kiss those peanut kisses.

Bohol is home to many beautiful beaches and unique destinations—perfect for a vacation with family and friends. Along the way, you’ll find that Bohol has so much delicious food to offer. Here are five Boholano delicacies and dishes that should be on every foodie’s bucket list:

1. Sicuate (Hot Chocolate)

Begin your day in Bohol in true Bol-anon fashion—with a cup of indulgent, bittersweet hot chocolate. Perhaps the best tsokolate tablea in the Philippines is made with cacao from Jagna, located on the southern coast of Bohol. You can enjoy this drink freshly made on the beautiful island, or take some tablea home with you to make yourself a delicious cup anytime!

2. Calamay

Another pride of Jagna is calamay, which is made of coconut milk, brown sugar, and glutinous rice. This popular snack is smartly packaged in a bagol or coconut shell, making this sweet-sticky delight an excellent (and completely biodegradable) pasalubong! You might want to try ube calamay as well. Bohol is very well-known for its ubi kinampay industry, making Bohol a treasure trove of yummy ube desserts!

3. Peanut Kisses

Meant to resemble Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills, Peanut Kisses might just be as much of a Boholano staple. These cute little cookies are made with peanuts and eggs, baked to crispy, nutty perfection. Make sure to bring home more than one pack of these—once you start eating them, it will be hard to stop!

4. Ginataang Takla

Takla (crayfish) is one of the many types of fresh, delicious seafood you can find all over Bohol. Almost like a cross between shrimp and lobster, takla is usually cooked in a sauce made of gata (coconut milk) and a yummy kick of spice. This is similar to other delicious Boholano dishes such as halang halang (chicken soup with gata and ginger) and sinanglay(fish wrapped in leaves and cooked in gata). None of these are to be missed!

5. Chorizo de Bohol

Chorizo de Bohol is a sweet, garlicky version of chorizo or longganisa that is a perfect ulam to have with sinangag and egg! These small, round sausages would make a lovely pasalubong for anyone craving an authentic Boholano breakfast experience. So delicious!

These five and many other mouthwatering delicacies await you in Bohol. Go ahead and experience the rest of the beauty that this island has to offer—you might even find yourself creating the beautiful life you deserve in Bohol!


The COHO Living Team.