By: Bea Racoma
The secret is knowing which pieces to invest in

Furnishing your living room should be one of the top priorities for any condo dweller. After all, it’s a frequently used space that boldly announces your lifestyle to guests. Whether you’re a budding freelancer designing your first unit or a long-time professional upgrading your interior, picking what furniture and decor to invest in can be tricky and costly. However, if you play it smart, this doesn’t have to break your pocket!

Not sure about which pieces deserve the dime? Here’s a list of mainstays you can devote your time and money on, and another list that you conversely don’t need to spend a fortune on!

Splurge on:


1. Sofa

This is the centerpiece that you’re going to lounge on for months or years to come. With that, get the highest quality sofa that you can afford. Make sure its frames and upholstery are able to withstand different kinds of weights while looking and feeling good. If you want this to be a convertible sleeping area, consider a sofa bed.

2. Coffee table

Your coffee table is bound to bear books, vases, trays, and whatever else you’ll need to set down in the living room! (Think: board game nights, crafting with the kids, or even weekly paperwork). Whether you’re after a glossy marble block, a glass-covered surface, or a carved wooden structure, buy one that’s sure to endure long afternoon talks and late-night parties.

3. Statement pieces

A statement piece or two that’ll infuse your space with your identity and cap off your sense of style is worth the splurge. This can be a classic painting, a vintage bookshelf, or a native tapestry. If it’s meaningful to you, it deserves every peso, and a prime display spot in your living room.

Save on:

1. TV

You don’t need a curved 60-inch smart TV for you and your friends to enjoy the latest Netflix shows and video games! There are many mid-sized and mid-range models perfect for any interior. If you want to maximize your space, install a sleek wall-mounted unit.

2. Side tables

Accent tables don’t face much damage, so don’t spend thousands of pesos on them. Search for smaller affordable pieces that complement your coffee table and sofa. Make the most out of your purchase with neutral furniture that’ll accentuate any architectural look.

3. Rugs

Unless you’re fine with constantly staining designer fabrics, go for the more practical yet attractive option of mid-range rugs. Those with bright colors, timeless textures, or distinct patterns will add lots of character to your living space.

4. Lighting

Lighting sets the mood of an entire room, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many budget-friendly options for both central lighting and additional fixtures. Floor and desk lamps are available in antique shops, and modern backlighting is achievable with hardware store LED strips.

Regardless of how you want your living room to look like, shopping wisely will make all the difference. Find a place that has everything you want to splurge or save on from this list so you can make the proper price comparisons, too!

Your choices for your living space will shape the beautiful life that you deserve. Find that balance between flair and budget to create yours now!


The COHO Living Team.