By: Bea Racoma
From writing to online tutoring, these flexible side jobs can earn a pretty penny

If you’re a professional who needs additional income, you don’t have to take up a 9 to 5 to get those funds. With a boom in the local gig industry, it’s a lot easier to find part-time jobs that are both profitable and enjoyable. Plus, you’ll be in control of your time and choices!

Ready to make money on the side? Go and try any of our fave out-of-office pursuits:

1. Events host

If you’ve got good social skills, a strong presence, and a natural charm, then hosting is your ideal part-time job. From workplace year-end parties to music festivals to your annual family reunion, there’s a multitude of beginner and expert hosting opportunities out there. Since hosting lets you meet many groups of people, it also doubles as a networking gig.

2. Tutor

If you’re good at a language or a school subject, consider teaching! There are many local and international students who’re seeking learning assistance, so use your strengths to help them out. Modern tutorials are so flexible, too — you can conduct lessons online (best for students outside of the Philippines) or in person.

3. Online seller

Online shopping services have made modern shopping a walk in the park, so why not try your hand at the industry? If you don’t want to spend money on bulk buying new items and selling them at higher prices, just sell stuff that you already own. Old clothes, unread books, and leftover school supplies are just a few of the possibilities. You can even unleash your creative spirit and sell your works of art or handmade crafts, earning you exposure and funds.

4. Workshop facilitator

Got a skill that you’re pretty much a master of? Host workshops to share your expertise with others! Depending on the subject matter of your workshop and on how many people you’d like to participate, you can easily have one in your own home.

5. Photography

If you’re into taking pictures and you have a reliable camera, try doing it for a fee! If you’re new to this, you can start small. Photograph your friends and family, or document the nature that’s just beyond your home. Soon, with enough experience and better gear, you’ll be able to command higher prices and take magazine-worthy pictures.

6. Freelance writing

One of the easiest and most accessible part-time job, online writing is open to anyone with a mobile device or laptop, an internet connection, and a decent grasp of language. You can write a variety of content — blog articles, social media copies, and e-books will all fetch you good prices if you look in the right places. Check out writing and job posting websites for potential gigs.

Earning extra income gives your budget room to breathe so that you have more chances to create a wonderful life with the people you hold close to your heart. Go pick a part-time job that’s right for you, and take another step towards living your life to the fullest!


The COHO Living Team.