By: Cholo Ledesma
Enjoy quality bathroom time, no matter how many of you are sharing it!

Sharing a bathroom with other members of your family can be quite a hassle, and can even end up becoming a huge source of stress. However, it definitely doesn’t need to be a negative experience. Make your bathroom-sharing experience efficient (and clean) with the following tips:

1. Agree on a schedule

One thing you have to do with the rest of your family when sharing the bathroom is to agree on a schedule. It’s important to talk and plan according to your daily schedules to have a prescribed bathroom time. That way, everybody gets to have their own precious time. However, this also means imposing a time limit—which you should follow!

2. Have separate areas for toiletries

Separate areas or even baskets can make sharing a bathroom much easier. Put your personal items and toiletries in your own part of the bathroom to make sure nothing gets mixed up! Why not check out baskets and containers at your nearest department store? You might need them for dirty laundry, too!

3. Label your items

In addition to separating your things, it might also be a good idea to label things that you regularly use, or things that you bought yourself. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be greedy with things you have that your other family members might also need—but it’s always good to have clear accountability and permission!

4. Clean up after yourself

In sharing a bathroom, you wouldn’t want to have to clean up after another family member’s mess. It’s important to be responsible for your bathroom usage and be considerate to whoever will use the bathroom next by cleaning up after yourself, and leaving the bathroom as fresh and neat as possible. Make sure to air out any foul smells, too!

5. Stack up on basic items

It would be a good idea to have an area for basic toiletries that everyone will end up sharing—toilet paper, cleaning tools, hand soap, air fresheners, and other items you might use a lot of. It might be wise to invest in other items such as good, non-slip mats and waste baskets.

By establishing your own boundaries and respecting the boundaries of other family members, sharing a bathroom can be a very positive experience for the whole family. Learning respect and consideration will help you and your family live the beautiful life that you deserve, together. Share yours now!


The COHO Living Team.