By: Bea Racoma
Go out of the dinner-and-a-movie box with these fun date night ideas!

Are you and your partner tired of going on the same kinds of dates whenever your busy lives let you have time for each other? There’s no need to stick to that mold when there are loads of adventures that you can explore.

Liven up your romance with these imaginative date ideas:

1. Collaborate on an arts and crafts project at home

If you want to have a special date while making your paychecks last, why not get creative in the comfort of your own place? You and your partner just need to repurpose the stuff you already have! Sew tote bags using old clothes, turn bottle caps into fridge magnets, or make envelopes from weeks old newspapers. Add some wine and cheese to up that romantic artisanal feel.

2. Go to adventure parks outside the city

Adrenaline and nature junkies, this one’s for you! Since these camps and playgrounds are in areas like Rizal, Pampanga (near Mount Pinatubo), and Cebu, you’ll be able to enjoy the rural air. Once the day’s through, you can cuddle while admiring the stunning views of the sunset. If you’ve got more time and money, extend your getaway by booking a room (if available!) to enjoy another day’s worth of activities together.

3. Volunteer for an NGO or social project

Become better Filipinos together by lending a helping hand to those who need it most. Animal shelters, women’s rights organizations, and even your local government unit are some of the causes you and your partner can support. You can choose to volunteer for a one-day event or for a long-term project. The love and support that you share with others will definitely nourish your relationship.

4. Shop at your local ukay ukay

Want to curate IG-worthy couple OOTDs without blowing your wallet? Snatch the best fashion deals when you go thrift shopping together. With many ukay ukay stores and bazaar booths in your local commercial district, there’s an endless supply of vintage tops, worn denim, and unique accessories that you and your partner can rock on your next date.

5. Attend a workshop

There’s nothing like growing in knowledge together, so check your neighborhood for any upcoming classes or workshops that you can attend, either for free or for a fee. Painting, knitting, music, and hip hop are just some of the many skills that you and your partner can immerse yourselves in. Then you two can spend future dates on refining your skills on your own!

6. Have photoshoots at your old date spots

Whether you’re celebrating three months or seven years together, it’s always heartwarming to revisit your past dates. Spend a day taking pictures of each other at the restaurant where you first met, your favorite museum, or the park where you had a summertime picnic. You can even develop the photos and put them in a scrapbook. It’ll make a meaningful personalized gift for your next anniversary.

You and your partner deserve to have a beautiful life together filled with surprises, new experiences, or even creative twists to beloved memories. So take your partner by the hand and create these milestones now!


The COHO Living Team.