By: Niña Bermio
Take the stress out of housework with these activities

Trying to get your family to do chores can be even more stressful than actually having to do the chores themselves. You will be met with complaints and excuses, but it does not change the fact that they need to be done. So how do you motivate your family (and yourself) to do the chores? Apart from trying to stay away from using the term “chore” when talking about household tasks, you can also find ways to make cleaning and organizing fun for your family!

Here are 8 fun ways to encourage your family to do all your household errands and tasks:

1. Pick up your grub.

Doing the groceries can be made fun by allowing your kids to push the cart. Tell them to imagine that they are driving a car and that they are picking up passengers, when in reality they are helping you pick out what you need for your kitchen. Teach them how to navigate around the grocery by putting up their hands as turn signals and saying “excuse me” instead of honking at other cars.

2. Your food is waiting… Go!

Alternatively, decide what your meals will be for the week and list down all of the ingredients. Treat grocery shopping like you are competing on the Amazing Race, by coming up with clues and riddles that describes each of the ingredients that you need. This is also a great way to engage your kids’ brains while doing your errands.

3. Dance through the dust.

A simple way of making dusting and sweeping fun for your family is to blast all your favorite dance tunes. Make up dance moves that mimic your cleaning movements so that you can make the whole task into a dance party!

4. A Series of Folded Clothes.

Make a habit out of folding and sorting clothes with your family by watching new episodes of your new favorite television show together. That way, you can motivate each other to fix up clothes, and you will never get into an argument about watching the episodes without you!

5. Don’t forget to feed the pets!

Make cleaning and organizing more aesthetically pleasing and fun by decorating your storage bins and trash cans. You can create cute animals or monsters, give them names, and “feed” them with toys, clothes or recyclables.

6. What can you do in 10 minutes?

If you and your kids have a lot of items lying around, then set a timer and see who can clean up more stuff. Set some ground rules, for instance: the items must be put in their rightful places or they must be dusted or cleaned before being kept.

7. Best in cleaning for the week.

Create a point system for every task in the house: from sweeping the floors to cleaning the dishes and folding up clothes. Keep track of all of the points and add them all up at the end of the week. The family member who gets the most points will be celebrated Best in Cleaning and can choose what activity the whole family will do over the weekend.

8. Family cook-off!

What’s more fun than cooking a meal for the family? Cooking a meal as a family! Picking a dish that the whole family would want to eat will encourage them to join your cook-off. Want it to be more engaging? Take the cooking outside for a quick barbecue or picnic. Remember to prioritize safety first and delegate the easier tasks to the children, and leave the more dangerous stuff to the adults.

These are just a few ways to make household tasks more fun for the whole family. But, at the end of the day, the best motivator to do chores is being able to bond with your family through all these activities. Taking time to do chores with your kids could show that how you prioritize the family, and they will learn to do so too as they grow older. Spending more time with your family would mean a beautiful life for you and your children, and everyone deserves a beautiful life.


The COHO Living Team.