By: Bea Racoma
These Davaoeño drinks are a sure hit!

Are you a travel enthusiast looking to take a satisfyingly sweet break from your busy life? Try recharging in Davao, the fruit basket of the Philippines. There, you can enjoy the refreshing and exciting flavors of Davaoeño fruits in alcoholic drinks that you can mix on your own. The affordable selection of these natural goodies in your nearby palengkes, convenience stores, and supermarkets makes getting your fruity alcohol fix a breeze.

To help you create your drinks, we’ve gathered a list of eight fruit cocktails that you can make from the comfort of your temporary Davaeoño home. Let’s get mixing!

1. Sweet and Spicy Rambutan Cocktail

This cocktail marries the sweetness of rambutan with the spiciness of jalapeño pepper. Make lime syrup with two limes, water, and sugar. Combine rambutans, jalapeños, ginger, rum, citronage, ice, and a touch of syrup. Pour into an ice-filled glass. Garnish with rambutan and jalapeño slices.

2. Pomelo Cream Fizz

With the thickness of a milkshake and the fizziness of a soda, this pomelo cocktail is the perfect drink to cool down with. Blend together gin, pomelo juice, heavy cream, honey, and ice. Pour the mixture into a jar, and fill it to the brim with chilled seltzer.

3. Jungle Bird

A popular drink from Kuala Lumpur, this vibrant cocktail tastes like the tropics in a glass. Combine pineapple and lime juices, syrup, rum, and Campari. For the garnish, put together a pineapple wedge, cherry, and pineapple leaves to create a bird.

4. Mangosteen Cocktail

The refreshing flavor of the mangosteen takes center stage in this vodka-based drink. Blend together the mangosteens, lemon juice, sugar, young ginger, vodka, and ice. Pour into a glass, and fill with soda water. Garnish with lemon.

5. Papaya Smash

Capture the essence of a sunny vacation with this cocktail. Combine papaya, agave nectar, añejo tequila, Aperol, orange and lime juices, and ice. Top with a slice of papaya.

6. Cali-manly

Ride waves of tangy energy with this calamansi cocktail. Combine calamansi and pineapple juices, vanilla syrup, Bacardi 151, and Liqueur de Calamansi. Garnish with the Cobra Smart energy drink.

7. Dirty Banana

This cocktail boasts the nostalgic consistency of a childhood smoothie and the lingering taste of a night out. Blend together a banana, light rum, coffee liqueur, Giffard’s Banane du Brésil (or another banana liqueur), milk, cream, and crushed ice. Garnish with a banana chunk.

8. D25th

While you shouldn’t mix durian and alcohol, those without heart problems and who are daring enough to pair the two should try this innovative cocktail featuring the world famous fruit. For the pandan syrup, soak pandan leaves in water and add sugar. Combine durian, heavy cream, coconut cream, eggs, dark rum, pandan syrup, spiced pear liqueur, and creme de cacao. Decorate with cinnamon and nutmeg gratings.

Making yourself a fruity cocktail is a flavorful way to reward yourself for working for the life that you want. If you’re missing any ingredients, just head over to your nearest All Day Supermarket to pick up the freshest, juiciest fruits and newest bottles of alcohol. Go on and let the charm of Davao remind you that everyone deserves to have a beautiful life. From the kitchen of your Davaoeño home, create yours now.


The COHO Living Team.