Studio unit

By: Jason Chamberlain
These pieces will make your unit your dream home

It’s the big day, and you’ve finally moved in to your studio condo unit. This should be an exciting time for you, and you want to have all the bases covered in making sure your new living space is as good as it can be.

These essentials will help you maximize the space in your studio condo unit, and turn your new digs into your own private paradise.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves

Dedicate a space in your studio condo unit for storing all of your belongings. It becomes easier to organize all of your favorite home items when you have a dedicated space for it. If your ceiling is particularly high, invest in a sturdy stepping stool to make the most of your new shelves.

Sofa bed as an alternative for your unit

A sofa bed

Gone are the days that the couch-and-bed combination was an uncomfortable compromise. There are many comfortable choices on the market now, and having this convertible bed allows you to turn your studio from a homey space for entertainment to a comfortable and private bedroom with little adjustment.

Portable clotheslines

Living on your own in a studio condo unit means doing much of your own chores. Stay on top of your laundry regiment by having a clothesline you can install in your bathroom to dry your clothes. This saves you money on buying a dryer, and because these clotheslines are collapsible, your bathroom stays clean and uncluttered for most of the week.

Multifunctional shelf


You can use simple dividers like curtains to give your home more dimension and privacy. When you have guests over, tuck your personal items like your mattress or wardrobe behind your divider just as you would a separate bedroom.

Collapsible Storage

Make use of your space in fun and smart ways. Use small hampers or boxes so you can keep shoes, clothes, or files out of sight when you don’t need them, and store these under your bed or in one of your shelves. Modularity is the name of the game in maximizing your dynamic new studio condo unit.

Wall mounted tv

Wall-mounted TV

There are tons of television sets now which are both affordable and very sleek. This home essential will keep you and your friends entertained at home, without having to be placed on a stand. This makes your home feel all the more seamless, and well-thought out.

With so many ways to have fun with your new studio unit, you’re well on the way to building your dream living space. Take stock of everything you’re moving in, and find the right place for each one. You deserve a beautiful life, anywhere you choose to live. Create yours now!


The COHO Living Team


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