By: Sabrina Basilio
Discover other activities that Cebuanos love just as much as the beach!

So you’re heading to Cebu but not feeling up to the sand or getting a tan. We get it, we totally hear you! We all have different ways of going on a vacation. Thankfully, there are loads of exciting and often overlooked activities in our cities, especially in historically rich one like Cebu.

Here is a list of alternative activities and attractions you might want to consider on your trip!

1. Walk down Colon Street

You may have heard of Colon Street as the heart of Cebu’s tourist shopping and business activity, but this very strip of untiring vendors and overlapping jeepney tunes also offers a deeply rich heritage walk. Beneath its commercial exterior lies the story of 16th century Philippines during the earliest Spanish settlement. Go on an adventure and hunt down the lamplight-markers detailing the significance of the districts’ structures and urban artefacts.

2. Aim Sky High with The Crown Regency

A few hours away from the country’s oldest street stands the country’s tallest hotel tower, boasting a full theme park above a fantastic view of the Queen City of the South. The Crown Regency is a haven for the thrill seekers with coasters winding 38 floors high, extreme zip lines, and a translucent glass floor on which you get to experience walking around the edge of a building!

3. Get Upclose and Personal with Butterflies

For those wanting a refresher from the cityscape, the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary is hidden in the heart of the city. With a small entrance fee, you can walk through a mini rainforest, get intimate with exotic species of butterflies, and get a tour around their onsite art gallery and museum. June, the mating season, is best for bringing a camera and capturing all the exciting color and beautiful life that abounds.

4. Take Pictures at Sirao Flower Garden

Get a taste of Amsterdam’s fairytale flower fields in the mountain barangay of Sirao. What started as a couple’s All Souls’ Day preparation has grown to become one of the city’s popular tourist attractions. Teeming with hundreds of flower species and complementary pictorial paraphernalia, Sirao Flower garden is perfect for all your Instagram needs!

5. Dance at the Sinulog Festival

Finally, a trip to Cebu would not be complete without a firsthand experience of the country’s biggest and most colorful festival. Every third Sunday of January, a celebration of the Santo Niño brings together Cebu’s finest street performers, cultural exhibits, beauty pageants, and street fairs. Most of all, “Sinulog,” which translates to “like a wave” is really a traditional river dance ritual, rhapsodic to a rich drum sound and the people’s cheer. Cap your experience by taking a night walk from the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño and passing by Magellan’s Cross.

Whether you’re looking for an extremely exciting adventure or a serene return to nature, the city of Cebu has got it all for you. After all, a beautiful vacation is what you make it! Take a chance at these attractions and live the beautiful life you deserve today.


The COHO Living Team.