By: Jason Chamberlain
Find out why more people are moving to this city in Zambales

About a three-hour journey from Manila, you’ll find one of the Philippines’ most polished and buzzworthy cities: Subic Freeport Zone, or just Subic for short. It’s a popular place among Manila residents for family trips and company outings, as its restaurants, nature walks, and lofty accommodations are all a convenient distance from one another.

However, there are plenty of reasons to consider making the big move to Subic altogether. The surprising port city is more than its most attractive tourist spots, with plenty to offer for both retirees and up-and-coming careers.

1. The traffic flows smoothly

Ever since its days as a U.S. naval base, Subic has had excellent management of its traffic. Cars, buses, and trucks all ply the inner city roads mindfully, with local law enforcement efficiently managing busy avenues. Intersections all still follow a first-to-stop, first-to-go policy, which makes negotiating the streets even more effortless for drivers.

2. White Sand Beaches

You might think you’d have to take a plane to get to some of the Philippines’ best beaches. Subic has many of these, just a stone’s throw from commercial and corporate spaces. It’d be such a treat having such quick access to these little getaways, most of which are free of charge.

3. Job Opportunities

Many professionals find it daunting to leave Metro Manila for fear of missing out on good career opportunities. But Subic is an economic zone, and that means a melting pot of businesses and foreign nationals have come to the city to make their mark. Many jobs have been created here over the years, and these cater to many different professional fields. This may just be your ticket to an exciting mix of work and lifestyle opportunities.

4. Awesome Parks

If you’d like to spruce up your weekend itinerary, Subic has plenty for you and your family to do. Zoobic Safari will take you through a 25-hectare forest and animal reserve, where some of the most beautiful animals of the Philippines interact with visitors. It’s the only tiger safari in the country, and these big cats are wonderful to see. Also, check out Ocean Adventure for stunning dolphin and seal shows. Apart from these paid attractions, Subic also has free nature trails and open spaces for your daily dose of zen.

5. Cocktails By The Coast

The nightlife in Subic is full of tasty surprises! Grab a drink with your friends after work at bars like Pier One, where you can watch the tide come in over your beverage of choice. There’s nothing quite like a good meal of seafood and pulutan right by the open ocean.

Subic continues to be a favorite for weekend trips and fun experiences. There is, however, so much more to discover for yourself and fall in love with. The city’s easygoing pace, great work opportunities, and unique attractions offer an exciting way of life for all. Everyone deserves a beautiful life. Create yours now.


The COHO Living Team.