By: Kara Angelli Flores
We bet you haven’t been to these incredible places yet!

Ah yes, Batangas. The Boracay of the South, the nearest escape from city life, the skies that hit the sea. We’re pretty sure it has’s called to travellers likes you a few times before, and we’re willing to bet that you wanted to answer every time. And who can blame you? Batangas is a gem that has tons of both chill and adventurous experiences. Its beauty and charisma have drawn people in from everywhere, even tempting them to settle down.

But precisely because everyone has been here, we decided to round up a list of destinations ways you can enjoy in Batangas that’s not just your usual default beach destinations. Curious? Keep reading — Here are 5 off-the-beaten-path hidden gems you must visit the next time you travel to Batangas.

1. Farm At San Benito

Take a pause from the hustle and bustle of Manila with a healing retreat at the Farm at San Benito. These rejuvenating retreats address today’s common illnesses, such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. It has great energy, fresh air, and a beautiful view of the mountains. If you’re looking to feel more alive and at peace, this generous space is the place for you. Score a deal onin their services here!

2. Domescape

Love the outdoors but can’t stand mosquito bites at night? Game to stargaze but not a fan of camping? Our answer is to spend a night or two with your best friends (or go solo, that works too!) at a geodesic dome. This glamping (AKA glam camping) experience allows you to bask in nature and have an unbothered night of stargazing. The best part? There’s an actual bathroom. Yes, you read that right — a bathroom!

3. Ataalaya Farmhouse

If you like nature, rolling hillsides, and the sweet sound of birds serenading you in the morning, then check out the Ataalaya Farmhouse. Not only do you find some peace of mind, but you also get a generous view of Taal Lake and Mt. Maculot while you enjoy and relax at an outdoor jacuzzi. So carve in some family bonding, quality-catch up with a friend, or get cozy with a partner. A weekend at this farmhouse makes for a great gift.

4. Mt. Batulao and Mt. Maculot

If we’re going to talk about hidden gems in Batangas, we need to talk about its mountains. Who can say no to fresh air and peaceful silence? After all, there’s nothing quite like a peaceful hike to allow you to recenter and connect with the living energies of the Earth. Once you come face to face with the majesty of these mountains, they instantly beckon you to explore them. Go and hike for even just an hour and you’ll thank yourself after!

5. Sampaguita Beach

What’s a Batangas experience without a quick (or overnight!) stay at the beach? With the rise of blogs and travel reviews however, it’s pretty hard to find a beach resort in Batangas that’s not overflowing with tourists visiting from across the globe. And what’s the point of getting stressed out during your supposed “escape”? Lucky for us, there are still some “hidden gem” beaches that still allow you to retreat to the beach without the sight of a crowd — and Sampaguita beach is one of our favorites amongst them. Check it out here.

And there you have it! You’re ready to plan your off-the-beaten-path Batangas weekend.
When you know where to look for it, you can embrace the beauty and peace that life has to offer. For many, there’s no need to look further than Batangas to take this breather. So go on and create more space for more rest and peace in your life. It’s crucial in creating the beautiful life that you deserve!


The COHO Living Team.