By: Sabrina Basilio
For those who are looking for more than just a default dinner-and-a-movie date!

It’s great to chase the adrenaline rush every now and then, but imagine getting to share it with the one that speeds up your heartbeat everyday. With activities where working together and conquering fears are part of the experience, you’re sure to have not only the best stories to reminisce together, but a much deeper respect for each other.

1. Take trapeze flying lessons

Remember that soaring duet between Zac Efron and Zendaya from The Greatest Showman? Well, you can now create your own at Flying Trapeze Philippines, the country’s first full-sized trapeze rig built to launch you as if ‘On the Wings of Love’ was written for you. Imagine learning circus tricks together all with the safety of harnesses, nets, and professional coaches ready to catch you at all times! If you managed to catch your significant other falling for you, you can certainly take it to the next level.

2. Unleash your inner ninja

Pasig City boasts one of the most complete parkour facilities in Southeast Asia, which you may have seen celebrity couple Billy Crawford-Colleen Garcia feature in one of their social media posts about each other. Why not take exciting action shots of your loved one jumping over walls and swooping from beam to beam? Or have photos of you conquering obstacle courses together? Ninja Academy PH is sure to cater to your fitness needs and quests for exciting activities to treasure forever.

3. Try out water sports together

Surfing, jet-skiing, paddleboarding, you name it! Discovering the wild behavior of water with your partner means discovering their willingness to explore new things with you–a definite green flag! What’s more romantic than holding each other through the rhapsody of white waters or laughing about the surprising difficulty of maneuvering a canoe? You don’t get that excitement at a restaurant.

4. Take biking to the next level

Riding through a picturesque landscape is romantic in itself, but have you done it hundreds of meters above the lush greenery of Bohol? Have you biked through a muddy and steep dirt track looping Mt. Samat so you could be rewarded with the scenic top view of Bataan? What with your partner’s hand to hold you through it, you might as well have been models for a postcard about the beauty of life and love in the Philippines.

The country is steadily housing more and more thrill-seeking facilities and attractions that will boost you and your partner’s attraction for each other. After all, even without the body of science telling us what endorphins do for our romantic lives, we know that heading out to try new and breathtaking experiences is a truth-defining moment for any couple.

You and your partner will learn so much from each other when you try out new thrills. In fact, these thrills are exactly what brings beauty to the life you and your SO can build together. So go ahead and take the leap on your next date — You deserve it!


The COHO Living Team.